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I hate how when your friends get super excited and bounce up and down when you’re going to play a video game with them, but right when you start getting addicted… they stop playing. You ask them every day if they want to play with you, but “no” is their reply. It’s not that they’re busy, it’s just that they don’t want to. Sure, you could make new friends on the game, but you know that it wouldn’t be the same. You wouldn’t even know how to start because you get lost in the sea of faces around you. So, after a while, you stop playing altogether. Why? Simply because you’ve lost interest. It feels as if the game has lost its flavor. Still, you log on just for a brief moment, but then the aching loneliness engulfs you so you close the client. It feels as if you were excited for nothing… you downloaded the game for nothing… You start feeling disconnected from the group because another person has joined in the conversation. It feels as if you’ve been pushed away, but immediately you try to lung forward and fight against the current of loneliness. You want to be with them. You need to feel as though you belong. As the waves pull you under, you wonder if it would be okay to let go. To stop struggling. Your screams were silenced out by the overbearing roar of the waves. But then you start to wonder: would anyone care..?    


The many versions of Denyuuden

  • 4 koma
    left side, SD Ryner and Ferris
  • Manga: The Legend of the Brave of the Legend
    left side, full scale Ryner & Ferris
  • Manga: Nantonaku Densetsu no Yuusha No Densetsu
    middle, Ferris & Ryner & Sion
  • Light Novel: Ochita Kuroi Yuusha no Densetsu
    right side, Sion & Lucile
  • Manga: Gakuen Denyuuden
    right side, SD Sion & Ryner & Ferris
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